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The Royal Duo


The Royal Duo

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The Royal Duo provides a great deal of hydration and is the beginning of your hair repair and/or hair growth journey!

It's our Hot Royal Oil (hot oil treatment) paired with our Deep Down & Royal deep conditioner.

The small duo contains 2oz Hot Royal Oil and 4oz Deep Down & Royal.

The large duo contains 4oz Hot Royal Oil and 8oz Deep Down & Royal.

Why do these two products make the Royal Duo?

It was these two products that assisted our CEO in reaching her goal of growing her hair to reach tailbone length. The hot oil treatment is the first step on wash day! It sets the tone by adding moisture even before the rest of the wash day routine begins. Hot Royal Oil repairs, moisturizes and softens the hair making it more manageable, which leads to less fall out.

Deep Down & Royal deep conditioner makes the hair soft, silky and manageable. It allows for easier detangling. It's a great product for curly, thick, kinky, dry or damaged hair.

Both products are:

Sulfate free

Paraben free

Made from natural ingredients

Phthalate free

Free of artificial dyes

Cruelty free