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Protective Hairstyles

What are protective hairstyles? Why do we need them? Well, let’s talk about it. As previously discussed in our last blog post on how to grow and retain the length of your hair, protective styles are certainly beneficial when properly maintained. So, what exactly is a protective hairstyle? It can be any style that allows the hair to have minimum manipulation where the ends are usually tucked away. Examples of current popular protective styles are braids, twists and buns, but this is just a few of the many styles that offer protection to your hair.  Why does our hair need to be protected?  Well, it’s simple. Have you ever gotten tired of doing your hair OR have you found yourself...

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Do You Know Your Hair Type?

Knowing your hair type is important. Hair products are formulated with specific goals and hair types in mind. It can be costly to buy products that don't work simply because the product was never meant for your hair type. Keep reading to learn your hair type.

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