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How to Grow and Retain the Length of Your Hair

Many of us have hair goals that include long, beautiful hair that flows like Rapunzel, but we don't know how to achieve that goal. Instead, we have times when our hair flourishes and other times when we just don't know what happened. We need help!

Well, if I just described your life you have come to the right place, but please know that Rapunzel did not grow those tresses overnight. The first step to growing your hair as long as you wish is to have patience. Why?

When we are impatient, we tend to move quicker. Can you recall a time when your hair was tangled and you "just wanted to be finished," so you combed a little faster, pulled a little harder and became frustrated with the process? If you answered yes, you probably pulled out a bit more hair than what was truly necessary to detangle. There was most likely more hair in the comb at the end than there needed to be. This is why having patience is so important.

What should I do next time I'm in a rush?

If you are in a rush, style your hair in the easiest style that will allow you to hide the tangles until you have time to properly detangle. For me, that means one of two things. Either I wear a bun or I cover my hair. That means if I need to wear a hat that day, I will. No one knows what is truly wrapped in my big bun and how I am growing what appears to be a birds nest in there. Wait until you have time to detangle slowly and carefully. Your hair will thank you for it!

Now that we have "Be Patient" out of the way, here are some tips to help retain the length of your hair:

1. Say it with me, "Moisture, moisture and more moisture!"

You must provide the right amount of moisture from your scalp to your ends. Remember, the end of your hair is the oldest section of the strand and needs to be kept hydrated to prevent damage. Naturally Royalty has a natural moisture locking oil called Royal Sealing Oil. It locks in moisture without weighing the hair down. Find it here.

2. Low-maintenance and Protective Styles

Excessive combing and daily styling can take a heavy toll on your hair. As a result, the hair becomes weak, which often leads to breakage. To avoid this, you may want to opt for easy to maintain, protective styles that require minimum levels of manipulation. Protective styles offer the ability to have stylish hair without constantly combing, pulling and tugging at each strand.

3. Protection of the scalp is necessary

You should make sure you stay hydrated and keep your scalp hydrated as well –never too dry and never too oily. If your scalp is dry, it may begin to itch. You may experience dandruff and other issues may arise. Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp.

On the other end of the spectrum is an oily scalp. Aside from medical (skin) conditions, some people experience an oily scalp for the following reasons: genetics, over-washing their hair and using shampoos or other hair products with harsh chemicals.

All of the Naturally Royalty products are made with natural ingredients. They are paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, free of artificial dyes and are plant based. The Royal Cleanse is a gentle conditioning shampoo that cleanses the hair without stripping the hair completely. It has no harsh chemicals and is made with natural and organic ingredients.

Pay attention to your hair and your scalp so that you know what treatments are necessary for you. You may not need oil if your scalp and hair are already oily. If you are using a lot of hair products, you may want to limit yourself to only one or two products to see if that will make a difference. Some allergies come in the form of slight itching and irritation, so pay attention to how your hair and scalp feel when using different hair products.

A good head massage either on a weekly or daily basis, if possible, is always good for taking care of your scalp and stimulating growth. Satin pillowcases while sleeping may also be beneficial.

4. Hair accessories should be chosen wisely

Some hair accessories cause damage. For example, clips that get stuck and are difficult to remove should be avoided. Rubber bands should also be avoided. To retain the length of your hair, you may want to use cloth hair bands such as scrunchies to tie your hair so that they do not get tangled between the strands.

5. No tight styling

Tight hair styles pull your hair, which can cause breakage. Always try to go for a loose style that would keep your hair and scalp at ease. If you are putting ponytails in your hair, don't make the band so tight that there isn't room left to move. It should not hurt when you turn your neck or move your head upside down. If it does, your ponytail is most likely too tight.

6. Wash hair in sections

You may have noticed that we lose hair when we shower or shampoo our hair. To avoid large amount of hair loss and to retain the length of your hair, you may want to consider washing and shampooing your hair in smaller sections to minimize tangles and breakage.

7. Get rid of split ends

Spilt ends are not our friends. We should not be holding on to them with the hopes that they with get better. They don't! You need to get rid of split ends as soon as you see them. Instead of getting better, split ends get worse and cause more damage as they continue to split the hair strand. To prevent split ends, use our Royal Sealing Oil on a daily basis or as needed. It's light weight and helps to keep those split ends away.

8. Patience

This one is so important that it's worth repeating. Hair growth takes time! Don't stress about it because stress actually causes hair loss, which defeats the purpose of our hair growth and retention goals. So, be patient and follow these 8 tips on a regular basis, and you will see results in time.

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