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Do You Know Your Hair Type?

Have you ever tried a hair product recommended by a friend and it just didn't work for you? It is likely that you and that friend may have two completely different hair types, which means you may not be able to use the same products. So, what's a hair type? And how do I know what type I have? Glad you asked!

Keep reading, and by the end, you will be able to identify your hair type as well as others.

Why do we categorize hair?

The answer is quite simple. Categorizing hair by types allows us to know what type of treatment would most serve our needs or the needs of our clients. It helps to know what products to use, how much oils to add, how much moisture is needed and much more.

There are four basic hair types: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

(See "Hair Type Chart" at the bottom.)

Straight Hair

You can easily determine this type of hair. If the hair falls flat from the roots to the tips, then it is straight hair. This kind of hair has a soft and silky touch, and has no curl whatsoever. Straight hair is sub-divided into different sections:

Type 1A: Soft and shiny, but lacks volume.
Type 1B: Has thicker strands than 1A, but are a little more bouncy.
Type 1C: This hair type is thick, straight and has a coarse look.

Wavy Hair

This hair type falls between straight and curly hair and has a slight curl pattern either at the end or in the middle of hair strands. Wavy hair is not entirely curly.

Type 2A: Thin and wavy; curls are less prominent.
Type 2B: Hair has medium thickness and waves.
Type 2C: Thick strands of hair in which the waves are more prominent

Curly Hair

The S pattern hair! If you see a clear S pattern, then surely you are looking at curly hair. This type of hair is more prone to tangles and frizzy. Lots of tangles and lots of frizz! Curly hair is divided into three categories:

Type 3A: Hair has loose curls and less frizz.
Type 3B: This hair type fits in between loose and tight curls. It's a medium sized curl, not too loose and not too tight.
Type 3C: Tight curls; more frizzy.

Coily Hair

The Z pattern! From the scalp to the ends, this hair type has a Z pattern. Such hair can be coarse and has really tight curls. This hair type is more prone to damage. Coily hair is also divided into three types:

Type 4A: Coily, but soft and has a very good shine.
Type 4B: This hair type is coily, it shrinks and springs back into place when stretched. It may appear to be fluffy.
Type 4C: Extremely coily! This hair type has thick strands and stays in place. 


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